Compare with other Monroe florists and save!  We offer the guaranteed lowest price on delivered flowers.

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We guarantee the lowest price on delivered flowers among all local Monroe florists who offer home delivery.

For instance, if you order flowers from us for Valentine's Day, then subsequently (within 30 days) find a lower price in effect on that day for the same item from another local Monroe florists, including their delivery charges, we will refund you the difference, plus ten percent of the difference!


1.    The price from the other local Monroe florists must be advertised in a way that is verifiable to us. Either on their website, on a marquee at their location, or in a print advertisement. You must provide us a way to verify the lower price claim.

2.    The price must be a price that was in effect when delivery of your flowers was made.

3.    The flowers in question must be essentially the same item. For instance: If our price is $32.95 for a dozen long stem vased roses, Other Monroe florists' prices must be for a dozen "long stem" (50cm or larger), standard roses (not sweethearts), arranged in a vase (not in a box or wrapped in paper) including standard greenery, and must also include the delivery charge they would have to deliver the item. We are the final arbiter in determining whether the item in question is essentially the "same item."

If you see a price advertised by other Monroe florists for an item you are interested in sending, give us a call! We will check out their offer, and beat their price. Many times, you'll see a price on roses for $12.99, or carnations for $6.95 on marquees in front of the shops of other Monroe florists. These prices are typically a "cash and carry" price for flowers wrapped in paper, with the florists providing no professional floral design, and delivery extra.

Note: "Local florists" are those locally owned Monroe florists in Monroe County, MI who make home deliveries in their own vehicles in Monroe County, MI. Our guarantee does not extend to Wayne County florists who deliver into Monroe County. The local Monroe florists this guarantee applies to are: